Façade Panel (Discontinued)

Flame Towers - Baku, Azerbaijan

Powered directly with line voltage, the Façade Panel is an interior-rated media façade solution, which further extends the Façade Solutions portfolio. With its modular design and extensive range in sizes, the Façade Panel allows gapless installation leaving no spacing between the fixture housing and the window frames. The Façade Panel is suitable for interior architectural, hospitality, retail, and entertainment applications where seamless building “skin” effects are desired.

Design innovation Modular design enables gapless installation without spacing between the fixture housing and window frames.

Flexible options A wide range of panel sizes seamlessly accommodate any installation space without modification to the existing window frames.

Simple installation AC line voltage eliminates the need for external power supplies and enables daisy chain topology for fast and easy installation.

Highly efficient Ultra bright LEDs are capable of replaying bold graphics and intricate video sequences when paired with an intelligent control system.

*Non standard item(s). Please clarify availability with the regional sales office.

Environment :
Control :
Weight :
Type A: 2.8kg - 3.8kg / 6.16lbs - 8.36lbs
Type B: 3.9kg - 4.9kg / 8.58lbs - 10.78lbs
Type C: 5.0kg - 5.8kg / 11lbs - 12.76lbs
Dimensions :
Type A : 600mm – 850mm
Type B : 900mm – 1150mm
Type C : 1200mm – 1400mm
  • Flame Towers - Baku, Azerbaijan
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