Cove Light AC HE (Discontinued)

Orchard Gateway - Singapore

Cove Light AC HE is the model of efficient simplicity. This highly energy and cost-efficient solution is a strong alternative to traditional linear incandescent or fluorescent ambiance and alcove lighting options. Cove Light AC HE’s low profile, AC line voltage and daisy chain topology allow for up to 150 units per power run at 120V, and 300 units per power run at 220V. Paired with an ultra wide beam spread of 120° x 120°, it is suitable for interior architectural, hospitality, retail, and even residential applications where rich, white wall washing and glowing alcoves are required.

Extremely Efficient  Cove Light AC HE is a high output, low energy fixture offering an efficacy of 60 to 68 lumens per watt and uses 3.1 W/ft (120V), 3.4 W/ft (220V).

Powered by AC line voltage  AC line voltage eliminates the need for external power supplies and enables daisy-chain topology for extended run lengths of up to 150 units per power run at 120V, and 300 units per power run at 220V.

Three color temperatures  Highly efficient LEDs output a variety of three color temperatures ranging from comforting hues of warm (2700K, 3000K) to neutral (4000K) white.

Ultra wide beam spread  An open beam spread of 120° x 120° enables low mixing distance for the cove height.

Flexible aiming Cove Light AC HE is equipped with a 180° rotation axis and locking rotations in 5° increments for flexible aiming.

Beam Angle :
120 Degree
Color :
Warm White (2700K)
Warm White (3000K)
Neutral White (4000K)
Environment :
Weight :
Dimensions :
287mm (L) x 32mm (W) x 41mm (H) / 11.3" (L) x 1.3" (W) x 1.6" (H)
  • Orchard Gateway - Singapore
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