Media Wall Paper

Omega Mart at AREA15 - Meow Wolf - Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Media Wall Paper features individually controllable RGB SMT LEDs on a 12 x 12 matrix (60 x 60 cm) with a 50 mm pitch. Alongside the provision of ultra bright LEDs (1400 cd/ m²), medium resolution videos and graphic replays can be displayed by combining multiple boards. Using TX CONNECT in combination with e:cue’s advanced e:pix control and Smart Chip technology makes the Media Wall Paper the perfect solution for any any backdrop application. Combined with e:cue’s SYMPHOLIGHT software it is possible to create stunning effects, play video or map pictures along all other needed lighting control features. 
The Media Wall Paper is designed for media and façade projects such as curve column installations and 3D media installations. It offers black-light pixel control and is perfectly suited for low resolution media projects as well as creative media projects.
  • Flexible, can be cut into any shape 
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight 
  • Fast installation / low installation cost 
  • Brightness 1400NIT (cd/m²) 
  • Auto addressing 
  • Different versions: black or white surface 
  • Fully integrated in e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT 
  • Video mapping 
  • Made in Germany


This product is intended for use in high-quality colored light applications.

Media Wallpaper

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  • Omega Mart at AREA15 - Meow Wolf - Las Vegas, NV, USA
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