ProPoint Sconce


The ProPoint Sconce series is an AC line powered luminaire controllable via DMX512 with built in Remote Device Management (RDM), or also available in on/off for more simple installation where control is not required. The ProPoint Sconce comes in 3 different sizes offering 3000K and 4000K White, Red, Green and Blue as standard options.

Advantages & Benefits

  • 3 different sizes and wattages:  S (9W), M (15W) and L (24W)
  • DMX/RDM and On-Off options
  • Sleek housing design to match with both traditional and contemporary installation environments
  • 90deg tilt adjustment

Revit file of ProPoint Sconce is available now, please click here to download

Farbe :
Warmweiß (3000K)
Neutral Weiß (4000K)
Umgebung :
Outdoor IP66
Geeignet für Installationen in Küstengebieten
Steuerung :
DMX512 RDM Enabled, ON/OFF
Gewicht :
S: 1.36 kg / 3.00 lbs
M: 1.71 kg / 3.77 lbs
L: 2.50 kg /5.52 lbs
Abmessungen :
S: 152.4mm x 121.4mm x 105.2mm / 6” x 4.78” x 4.14”
M: 190.4mm x 122.5mm x 104.9mm / 7.5” x 4.82” x 4.13”
L: 236.8mm x 144.9mm x 109.8mm / 9.32” x 5.7” x 4.32”
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