Media Pixel Ribbon DMX Indoor



The Traxon Media Pixel Ribbon DMX family are flexible LED strips which can be controlled directly using DMX 512. The Media Pixel Ribbon provides flexibility to fit on any curved surface. Featuring a 16.7mm LED Pitch with a 100mm Pixel pitch. The Media Pixel Ribbon can be customized for number of pixels, ribbon length, and mounting options.

Abstrahlwinkel :
120 Degree
Farbe :
RGB+W (W:6500K)
Dynamic White (2700K-6500K)
Neutral Weiß (4000K)
Warmweiß (3000K)
Warmweiß (2700K)
Umgebung :
Gewicht :
Per roll

RGB+W: 233g
RGB: 224g
Dynamic White: 265g
4000K: 253g
3000K: 253g
2700k: 253g
Abmessungen :
L x W x H per roll

RGB+W: 8000mm x 12 mm x 2 mm
RGB: 8000mm x 12 mm x 2 mm
Dynamic White: 10000mm x 12 mm x 2 mm
4000K: 10000mm x 12 mm x 2 mm
3000K: 10000mm x 12 mm x 2 mm
2700k: 10000mm x 12 mm x 2 mm
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