ARCHISHAPE® Tube Ultra Slim


ARCHISHAPE® Tube Ultra Slim is an IP66-rated slim LED tube for any wall or façade media lighting. Available in 300/500/1000mm lengths, the simple but robust construction allows up to maximum 12 meters of tubes to be daisy chained on a single power supply unit.
— Various color solutions for different façade lighting design  (RGBW / RGB+W / RGB / Dynamic White) 
— Slim profile (15.4mm width) and available in 300/500/1000mm lengths 
— Longer Daisy Chain & auto addressing
— 5 years warranty
— IP66


Farbe :
Dynamic White (2700K-6500K)
RGB+W (W:5000K)
RGBW (W:5000K)
Umgebung :
Outdoor IP66
Steuerung :
Gewicht :
3PXL: 0.18kg / 5PXL: 0.3kg / 10PXL: 0.5kg
Abmessungen :
L x W x H:
300mm / 500mm / 1000mm x 35 x 37.6mm (mounting bracket included)
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