ARCHISHAPE® 2.5 Washer

ARCHISHAPE® 2.5 Washer series is a compact, yet powerful flood light for facade illumination. The luminaire delivers highly consistent, fine-tuned color with superior RGBW color mixing for long distance dynamic lighting applications. The robust ARCHISHAPE® 2.5 Washer product series offers a variety of color and white CCT options, beam angles and power ranges with either static on/off or dynamic control options via standard DMX-512 and optional RDM functionality.
Features and Benefits:
Superior color mixing
- Precise optics control
- RGBW for fine-tuned color
DMX control
- Dimmable
- Dynamic lighting control
Easy installation and maintenance
- Auto-addressing
- Quick installation and reliable connection by self-locking waterproof connectors
- RDM status feedback (Optional)

Beam Angle  : 4.5°*, 10°, 15°, 30°, 60° (*For 4.5° optics, please contact our regional sales office for availability.)

Farbe :
RGBW (W:4000K)
Neutral Weiß (4000K)
Warmweiß (3000K)
Warmweiß (2700K)
Umgebung :
Outdoor IP66
Gewicht :
XS : 0.85kg
S : 3.2kg
M : 6kg / 6.5kg
L : 9.5kg
XL : 12.5kg
Abmessungen :
XS : 120 mm x 85 mm
S : 200 mm x 165 mm
M : 275 mm x 322 mm
L : 348 mm x 327 mm
XL : 398 mm x 373 mm
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